Tetris Game

Tetris Game
Tetris Game

Tetris is the most popular game of modern life. Appeared first in 1985 it became very popular all over the world. Now there is no equals for Tetris. This is the only game having got the leadership in selling during very short period of time.

Tetris Game


The rules of Tetris have not practically changed since the issuing of the first version of the game. The figures having standard form sized 10x20 are falling into the glass one by one. Using control buttons the player must place the following figures in such a way so as all the cells of the field should be filled. The lines which are covered completely are disappearing and you are getting additional scores. If there is at least one empty cell in the line, it remains to stay blocking the space of the game field. Tetris game will be going on till there is a free space for figures to fall and to be moved along the game field.

Besides of classical variant there are many games for which Tetris became a prototype. You can find a colour realization of Tetris where the figures are formed according to the different subjects or games which only slightly remind the mentioned game. Many varieties of Tetris were added with new figures and that allows to simplify or to make the game more complex.

Having chosen the version you are interested in, you can download Tetrisand install it on your computer. This is an easy realization of Tetris known to everybody with all necessary installations and additions. This is a colourful Tetris game which is very pleasant to play as for children as for adults. Choose the version, install Tetris the way you like and start playing.

Also you have the possibility to play Tetris online. This game doesn't require any installation and thus you will be able to play Tetris directly in browser's window at any time suitable for you.

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During the process of falling, the player can turn the figure and move it across but it is impossible to slow the process of falling. The figure is flying until it stumbles across the other one. If while doing this the horizontal line of 10 cells is filled, it is disappearing and everything that is above, will go down at the distance of 1 cell.

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