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If you are a fan of puzzles you can download Tetris and install the game on your computer. It's easy and doesn't require any special knowledge. Several free of charge game's realization are suggested to your attention. Choose the version of the Tetris you are interested in, download it, install on your computer and enjoy your favourite puzzle. The downloading file itself will not take too much space and it's very easy to install Tetris.

ADSoft Tetris ADSoft Tetris. Here you will find an amazing and colourful Tetris realization with standard rules. It is practically without any innovations - just a classical variant of Tetris game which many users will like. Choose the language and the forming of the game and start playing. The rules are standard: the game sized 10 x 20 cells on which the figures will be falling down. Using the arrows, you should place the falling figures in such a way so that there are no empty cells in the lines. Download Tetris
Tetris Planet Tetris Planet. Colourful game realization with perfect sound maintenance and graphical interface. You will be offered 4 different Tetris realization absolutely free of charge: classical Tetris, Pentrix, Color Tetris and Crazy Tetris. Each of the versions slightly differs from original one but the main point of the game remains the same. Thus in Color Tetris you should collect in one line three and more one-coloured elements but in Crazy Tetris and in popular realization of Pentrix you will face with new falling figures having unusual form. Download Tetris

While overcoming every stage, it is more difficult to lay Tetris together. The speed of figures' fall is increasing and thus you have less time to think your move over. Tetris game will be continuing till there is any free space on the field. As soon as there is no space for figures to fall and to be placed - Tetris will finish. Don't waste your time and download the game right now.

Besides of ordinary downloading game, there is online Tetris - flash game which doesn't require any downloading. It is very easy if you have no time and wish to install the puzzle but nevertheless would like to play your favourite game or just to spend your free time with pleasure. One click - and the game will be loaded in your browser.

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First Tetris was written on computer Electronica-60 in June 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov but for IBM PC this game was re-written by the school-boy Vadim Gerasimov aged 16.

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