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Tetris online is a comfortable version of the game requiring no download and installation. You just press the start and one of the most popular games will be available for you in a couple of seconds. At the very beginning there are the blocks having been placed already and which will be higher and higher with each level. Before starting to cover the lines, you need to solve the presented combination and this can be quite difficult sometime.


Having fulfilled some specified installations, you can regulate the level of complexity for online Tetris, its speed, the next figure's reflection, the markings of game filed and the other useful details. Also you will be able to see the number of the stage, the amount of gained scores and covered lines.

First Tetris appeared in eighties and its graphic was rather primitive which can hardly be said regarding to the modern games. Now there are great varieties of Tetris and this allows choosing the game to everybody's taste. We are suggesting one of the most comfortable on-line variations which as beginners as more experienced players will definitely like.

Online Tetris is a very fascinating game making the player spend at computer's monitor not a single hour. The rules of Tetris are very easy. The figures are falling on the game field from the top and after this you are choosing their position and put them down. The main task of the player is to lay the figures together in such a way so as there will be no free space in the lines. The covered lines are being deleted and you will get the scores for them. If you don't delete them, the falling figures will be towered on them very soon.

If Internet is not available for you constantly but you want this puzzle to be always at your disposal, you can download and install Tetris. It will not take too much time and you will not be in need of any extra applications while doing this. Everything is doing quickly and easy and your favourite game will be available for you at any time.

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There are also the game versions where the play is fulfilled not for scores but for opening the hidden image. In order to make the game easy there are the variants without difficult S and Z figures and without increasing the speed of the game.

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